Men-Gemini – bright sociable people, I love to be the center of attention. Moreover, they are very intelligent. Therefore, to attract the attention of the Twins, you must learn to be equally bright lively witty and not corny.Alas, there is no other way – the Twins are a mediocre uninteresting people who are not able to "Shine" mind and wit (his company, of course). There are so many interesting – why waste it on something mediocre?
MenGemini appreciate the passion (although lovemaking with these comrades who are inclined to the erotic experiments – something memorable), and the spiritual component. They should be warm with you. Praise The Twins. They are very susceptible to praise. At the same time, accept the fact that much enthusiasm in your address you will not hear – Twins are just not able to exultation and symptoms of admiration.
Try not to restrict the freedom of the Twins. They won't stand for it. Some time favorites mercury can relax in the cosy nest with you. But with time it will become a cage from which these adolescents of the Zodiac will find a way (believe me) to run away, to go in search of new adventures and experiences.
For all its duality, uneven, men-Gemini romantic and vulnerable. Any hint that the relationship is a kind of self-interest, deeply hurt them and can lead to rupture.