Advice 1: How to attract the attention of men twins

The man born under the patronage of the zodiac of Gemini is perseverance. He is the Creator, he is easy going and always striving to conquer new horizons. Gemini more than anything appreciate the freedom. They are direct, extremely attractive, and almost imperceptible. However, there are ways to tame these eternal adolescents of the Zodiac.
The zodiac is able to provide answers to many questions including those concerning personal relationships
Men-Gemini – bright sociable people, I love to be the center of attention. Moreover, they are very intelligent. Therefore, to attract the attention of the Twins, you must learn to be equally bright lively witty and not corny.Alas, there is no other way – the Twins are a mediocre uninteresting people who are not able to "Shine" mind and wit (his company, of course). There are so many interesting – why waste it on something mediocre?
MenGemini appreciate the passion (although lovemaking with these comrades who are inclined to the erotic experiments – something memorable), and the spiritual component. They should be warm with you. Praise The Twins. They are very susceptible to praise. At the same time, accept the fact that much enthusiasm in your address you will not hear – Twins are just not able to exultation and symptoms of admiration.
Try not to restrict the freedom of the Twins. They won't stand for it. Some time favorites mercury can relax in the cosy nest with you. But with time it will become a cage from which these adolescents of the Zodiac will find a way (believe me) to run away, to go in search of new adventures and experiences.
For all its duality, uneven, men-Gemini romantic and vulnerable. Any hint that the relationship is a kind of self-interest, deeply hurt them and can lead to rupture.
Think ten times before you decide to attract the attention of men-Twin. Do not expect fidelity from Twin. But spiritual unity, joy, and a rich palette of emotions in marriage to him provided to you.

Advice 2: How to attract a man's attention

Acquaintance with object of adoration is causing you some difficulties, shyness, timidity. It seems that it is so difficult to attract the attention of men. There are actually a number of simple techniques once you've mastered that you will become a vamp or a woman of mystery, which will be greatly admired men.
How to attract a man's attention
Our grandmothers still remember the time when they were married parents, and the groom was determined in advance. Today, to get married, and just to find a life partner is quite difficult. It all starts with Dating, but how to organize it? Now they say that doesn't matter? who is the initiator of a long-awaited meeting. However, the master of flirting explained: the women's art to attract attention creates in man the desire to take the first step and get acquainted. In this case there are three phases: preparation, definition of the required approach action.
1. Well-groomed woman always attracts men. A manicure, pedicure, watch the hair, do light makeup (pretentiousness causes a false attitude). All emphasize its advantages.
2. Tidy closet. Sexual attraction is not a deep cut, and mystery and desire to reveal all the secrets. So forget about ultra-short skirts, tops, flashy colors.
3. Practise at home in front of a mirror described below are all ways to attract men. So you will feel confident and will notice the shortcomings which can be addressed in advance.
The determination of the necessary approach:
There are three types of dominant perception (visual, auditory, and sensual. On men it can be seen brighter. So inside you already know what partners seek not only physical, but also spiritual qualities. Scroll to the right man and determine what type it belongs to.
Visual always looks good, dressed to the nines, notices external harmony, looks around, often pedantic. Auditory is listening to music, sounds, a lot of talking, constantly seeking new information, very agile. Kinestetik loves is tasty to eat, dress in comfortable clothes, even if they zanolini to the holes, it acutely feels the mood of the people.
For each type you can pick up ways to attract your Arsenal. Nice appearance, elegant attire, the finished image will win the visual. To this you first need to get into the field of view, only then to get closer. Let him notice your posture, confident gait an easy, enticing hand gestures. Start a conversation, using the verbs: to look, to see, to look.
The auditory attracts chest voice, pleasant communication, interesting sounds. Say: "have You heard who's coming today?". Be prepared to keep the conversation going.
Kinesthetic need to touch. Gently brush your hands, swipe the arm, remove the string, treat dessert. Don't forget to smile, even comes from you unusual scent of pheromones mixed with light spirits.
Having described the manipulation corresponding to each type, you will definitely attract the attention of men.
Useful advice
Use verbal language and body language together to maximum effect.
To the first also applies an embarrassed glance over raised shoulder, rocking shoes, showing a naked wrist, shake the hair, extended view, examining the man from head to toe and approving smile.

Remember: a man will be easier to make a move first, if he sees that you are one (in the hall, bookshelves, a table, at the bar).

Advice 3: Why twins are born

For most physiological women carrying one baby. But there are multiple pregnancy, in this case born of twins or triplets. This is not an uncommon phenomenon, for example, for every 40 births are one double. To understand why be born Gemini, you need to know, at least in General terms, as fertilization occurs.
Why twins are born
About once a month, in the middle of the menstrual cycle in healthy women, ovulation occurs. The Mature oocyte is ejected from ovary into the abdominal cavity. There she is captured by the funnel of the fallopian tube, which meets with sperm. After fertilization, the egg enters the uterus, where it begins to develop the embryo. At the same time but sometimes two Mature eggs that can be fertilized. In this case, each embryo will develop inside of its amniotic SAC and is connected with the body of the mother's own placenta. Such twins often don't even like each other, they can be different sexes, they can have different blood type. This is because each egg is completely unique. These children are called daizepam twins. Identical twins happen when a fertilized one egg with large nucleus and double or even triple set of chromosomes. Such abnormal egg cells are called polyploid. Similarly, male germ cells may also have a double set of chromosomes. Such sperm also called polyploid.When there are polyploid polyploid sperm and the egg, which after fertilization develop two germ. This type of twins is much rarer. Identical twins always the same sex. They have the same appearance, a tendency to the same diseases. This similarity extends to the properties of the psyche, the characters are often too similar. Such twins can feel their soul mate even at a distance. Often the fate of such people is the same. Many women dream to give birth to twins. It happens more often if the family a couple were cases of multiple births. In-vitro fertilization is often a multiple pregnancy develops. With age the chance of conceiving twins increases slightly, especially if the woman was already in labor.

Advice 4: How to win a man's heart-the twins

No wonder your heart is subdued, romantic, charming, witty and original man-Twin. To fall in love with once and forever this restless and wayward man quite difficult, but possible. What will it take?
How to win a man's heart-the twins
Constantly intriquite and fascinate their choice again and again. And in any case do not limit yourself to standard female techniques based on change of image: buying a new outfit, visiting a hairdresser, stylist and makeup artist. First and foremost, you should always expand intellectual knowledge. MaleTwin dreams of a friend with whom you can spend hours to discuss all sorts of topics ranging from the true way of the Universe, ending with the subtleties of modern politics. Qualities such as ease in communication, the lack of attitudinal and behavioural stereotypes will allow you to fall in love with this tough macho.
Be serious, responsible, binding, and credible. Similar qualities in a woman extremely important for a representative of this constellation, as he is by nature characterized by impulsivity, irrationality and slight negligence. Your task is to perfectly complement and balance his violent nature. This will be a firm Foundation for fruitful and constructive relations.
Become his faithful military girlfriend to encourage all the safe adventure and cooperative activities. From time to time embark on a journey together, go Hiking and do sports. Remember that your man can not live without exciting adventures, most of which are not planned in advance, and spontaneous nature.
Avoid unnecessary drama in the behavior, control every action. Do not complicate the situation and try not to panic, they find themselves in unforeseen circumstances. Boyfriend-the Twins need a cold-blooded partner, firmly standing on their feet. His character - an educated, intelligent lady who knows how to attract attention by its bright individuality, not vulgar manners. So dress cute and reserved, but always tasteful.
Men Gemini can not stand quarrels, boredom, pessimism and monotony. Keep this in mind if I wish to connect my life with this man.
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