Don't stop before the external roughness and make the first step to get acquainted. Man-Virgo – a very controversial person. When you meet him in society, be sure to notice the coldness, restraint, an austere taciturnity and concentration. But behind this stone mask hides a very sensitive and shy man who can be sensitive.
Man-Virgo chooses women, serious, considered, calm, sober look at the world. You will not be able to fall in love with using "girl stuff". Therefore, "to ground yourself", you should forget about the flights of fancy, spontaneous changes of plans and crazy actions.
Externally, try to look not very impressive, avoid excessive sexuality, extravagance and pretentiousness. The male Virgo does not like those women who attract the attention of many men. It attract ladies cute, neat, tidy and conservative.
Try to not be like his mother – a sample of women. Remember that a male virgin is not exchanged in a casual relationship or a one-time meeting for sex. So it is characterized by the slowness and seriousness in the woman's choice. You must become a perfect mother, homemaker and a faithful friend.
A sharp mind and high intelligence is your advantage. Man-Virgo will prefer to talk with you not about shopping or entertainment, but about science, culture and work. Be prepared to maintain a long and in-depth interviews without much emotional outbursts.
Man-Virgo is extremely pedantic. This is manifested in the exterior and in everyday life, and sex. He is very afraid of sexually transmitted diseases, so you must be neat in all things, to love and to maintain order, and to prefer the love of the game is not on the beach, and freshly laundered sheets.
By the way, the "games" love does not wait. In sex, the male Virgo restrained and somewhat notorious. Your task is to tactfully help him open up and get away from timidity and shyness.

Don't bet on the sex in your relationship. The main thing for him – unity in the spirit, and the sexy part is regarded as a physiological act, or conjugal duty.
Man-Virgo extremely careful and prudent, therefore, ask him expensive gifts and courtship. Companion male virgin should be his partner, so you should contribute to your Union, including from the financial side. Don't be lazy, the perfect woman for the man-Virgo – independent, firmly standing on his feet, and strong-minded.
To engage you in a serious relationship, man-Virgo must be sure you a hundred percent. You have to be patient, to accept and approve his decisions, praise for achievements. A man needs to feel in you faithful ally, and then in return you will get such valuable qualities as sincerity, integrity and complete honesty in the relationship.