To please a man-virgin, first show him your intelligence and erudition. Do not forget and about appearance: the clothes and hairstyle should differ refinement, but not be too flashy. Ignorant, stupid, vulgar or slovenly women will never be able to win a man-virgin.
As a rule, Virgo have good talent Analytics and judgment. Therefore, the demonstration of its merits try not to overdo it. Behave naturally and do not play Comedy. Don't aspire to become great, allow yourself a little bit of imperfection in the details. Otherwise, Virgo will notice the hypocrisy and sham and then lose interest in you. It may be true that some solid advantages, will cause the man-Virgo suspicions, and will purposefully seek out your flaws.
Whenever possible, try to meet the mother of the virgin, in order to understand what kind of person she is, and how she organized home life. Most men prefer Virgins to have as a life partner a woman like mother. The conclusions that you make from this experience, will help you to get closer to the desired ideal.
Even a passionate man in love-Virgo is very reserved in showing emotions. So do not expect a lot of declarations of love, fervor and unbridled sex. External coldness and stiffness of the virgin mask their own vulnerability and susceptibility. Don't rush things and do not show too intense feelings. The outpouring of unbridled love can only push you a malevirgin. Give him some time. He confesses to you in love when it is fully convinced of the sincerity of your feelings.
Apparent emotional coldness Dev affect and intimacy: sex male virgin quite often closed and at first, even shy. However, you should try to take a virgin and make fun of him. Over time, man-Virgo will feel more comfortable and he'll make a great lover, thinking first and foremost about the pleasure of the partner.