You call it interest, if you tend punctuality, frugality, calmness, routine you not at all tired, on the contrary, you hate chaos and try to make things once certain, places. If you prefer love on the calculation and allow another to bring order to your Desk, you will understand each other. In addition, for understanding it is important that you endured constant remarks and limitations not burdened by monotony and quietly without mothering.
When dealing with a male Virgin, watch him, learn his interests and preferences. Can show their awareness of the issues of traditional medicine and healthy lifestyle, he will be pleased that you are interested in this. Increase self-esteem, odobriti it. Do not make claims for any reason, become a reliable support, a person on whom he can always rely on. Forming an opinion about you, he will consider how you fit in the wife. Nothing can be done, he actually views women. Around you must be clean and tidy, all the free time to take some earth things, for example, cleaning or knitting. However, defiantly flaunt your quality hostess should not be – even frightening. Stay at a distance, make him feel safe.
Behave so as not to cause his censure, and, therefore, do not be careless. He respects serious, pedantic, and rational women, who honor the rules, you all know the price and save money. Creative mess him angry, because he loves when everything is in its place. In addition, he is extremely vulnerable: if you hurt his feelings, he will cease to trust you, and it is irrevocably cleared all your efforts to attract his attention. Respect that is dear to him, appreciate his work, encourage the results of its operations. Offense man-Virgo learns quickly, long is in itself and someday will find the opportunity to revenge yourself.
If you're doing it right, one day he confesses to you his feelings. But it will be soon. He thought about his intention, as in the case of an error it can be expensive. If man-Virgo came to the conclusion that you look like his ideal, and it is time to brighten up your life with women, you will hear from him long-awaited recognition. Rest assured: his decisions, he does not change.