Single father

The term "single father" is not spelled out in the Russian legislation. But as a result of deprivation of parental rights the child's mother, her death, long-term stay in a medical clinic or in another case, prolonged her absence and abandonment of the child (Ren) in the care of the father shall be entitled to all the benefits paid to single mothers.

Legally the father alone is the only man-a widower. And in the case that unscrupulous mother abandoned the family and children, from the point of view of the law it exists and is legal and the birth certificate of the child it is legal. In this case, the father alone can't be considered. In this situation, the man will have to prove its status as a single father bringing the child or through the courts. Only after that, having on hand the relevant documents, the man is legally recognized as a single dad, who put all the benefits as a lone parent.

Benefits under the labour code for single fathers

If the man has on hand all necessary documents, legally confirming his status as a single dad, he's still entitled to maternity leave and child benefit up to six years. To make this payment, the father should contact the administration at their place of work. Leave to care for a child (Ren) may be used as a single dad full or in part. In the decree a man can work part-time, part-time or at home. All required payments and allowances remain. Be engaged by the employer to work on holidays and weekends and to work overtime and night shifts, a single father can only with their own consent. If you happen to be a single dad raising a disabled child, he is eligible for additional four days off every month, paid by the employer.

Social benefits lonely fathers

To receive a lump sum payment after birth of the child, single father must submit to the social protection necessary documents and the application for accrual of this benefit. Also lonely dad can receive compensation payments for the maintenance of children in nurseries and kindergartens. As for housing, if a single parent lives with the child in a service apartment or Dorm, in the case of dismissal prohibited eviction without providing alternative accommodation.

Also a single father has the right to monthly compensatory allowance and double tax deduction. Learn more about additional benefits for single fathers can be found in the district offices of social security. Some regions pay the amount of 1500 rubles on the occasion of father's Day. This is not an official holiday celebrated on November 1.