It is necessary to consider that the status of single mothers is given to all women, independently raising a child. Only in cases where the father is unknown (or paternity is not established in the right way), the woman is considered to be a single mother. Not qualify as single mothers women who are raising children in so-called single-parent family (e.g., after divorce) or in cases where the father was deprived of parental rights or died. The point is to ensure that the status of a single mother in the birth certificate of the child in the column "father" should be a dash or write the words of the mother on her name.
According to the law, single mothers paid all the same monetary benefits from the state as any other mother in Russia. This includes a lump-sum payment for early registration during pregnancy, the allowance for the birth of the baby, as well as payments on-time child care (within six years from the moment of birth). In addition, in every region of the country has its own additional benefits and compensation. Also single mothers receive a monthly allowance if its income is less than subsistence level and the compensation, if the income exceeds the living wage.
In addition to monetary compensation you are entitled to a benefit in pre-school and school institutions (of course, in public). They include payment 75% payment of kindergartens (in some cases, the proportion paid by the government, may be significantly less), priority enrollment, provided that your child not less than five years.
If you are working, have the right to reduce the number of trips and night hours. At the same time in night shift and holidays single mothers allowed to work only with written consent. You are entitled to full sick pay, even if it hurts the child. If your company is liquidated, you are guaranteed employment.
You, like single mothers, are entitled to two weeks additional vacation and four paid days off per month in excess of. If you take care of the child with disabilities, you have the right to demand reduction of the working week. Women in this status rely tax and housing benefits. You are entitled to tax deductions at double the rate (two thousand) your children to adulthood.