The law States

The status of single mothers can be purchased in the following cases:

- in case of not establishing paternity at all (voluntarily or in court);

- if not the paternity of a baby born in a legal Union or in the period of 300 calendar days after the divorce;

- the birth of a child outside the bonds of a legal marriage or after 300 days from the date of divorce;

- with the adoption (adoption) of the child the woman was not officially registered in marriage;

if it is originally established paternity of the spouse challenged by the judiciary.

Changes in payments

In 2014, benefits for single moms in Russia and, in particular, in Moscow has increased significantly, but the benefit that receives the single mother significantly different from the amount that gets "normal" mother.


- the payment of additional benefits for child care until reaching the last age of eighteen;

- officially a single mother under any circumstances should not be deprived of the place of work without her desire to achieve her child 14 years of age. Even in the event of bankruptcy, closure of firms, the guidance should provide further employment (at a given up to 3 months);

- payment of sick leave benefits does not depend on the experience and for the first decade the hospital is paid 100% and in the subsequent time – 50% of the agreed wages;

- a single mother can be obtained at any time unpaid leave (once a year);

- getting for a child, trips to the camps, sanatoriums and health resorts (1 every 2 years minimum);

- the discount of 50% on expensive medicines (list of tools shall be at any pharmacy);

free massage services within the medical institution district;

- discount (about 35%) for education of the child in certain sections, clubs, etc.)

Provided benefits

Also, in addition to the benefits listed above in this category of mothers (singletons) provides for certain benefits, namely:

- a lump sum at statement on the account 515.33 rubles. (up to 12 weeks of pregnancy);

the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth itself, respectively;

- a lump sum at the appearance of the baby born (13742 rubles);

- monthly allowance (up to 1.5 years old baby), the size of which a minimum of 2576 RUB (for 1st child) and RUB 5173 (for the second);

- receive "the parent capital" (the birth of the second child);

- allowance for children in the following ages: 0-18 (payment every month);

- the provision of "genuine" aid (issue of underwear sets for newborn babies, free of charge dairy products, baby food recipe baby doctor);

- obtaining compensation in the case of caring for a disabled child (under 18 or under 23 years of age);

It is important to note that in each subject of the Russian Federation have their own rules that establish the amount of payments to single mothers. However, there is something in common for residents of any region. The amount of the benefits is directly proportional to depending on the income of single mothers.