For registration of benefits for loss of breadwinner, you need to apply to the relevant authority – management of the pension Fund at the place of registration and write a statement on a standard form. The application must contain your details as the applicant, the data of the breadwinner and all dependents. In addition, the statement will need to specify your passport data and open in your name a Bank account for the exercise of his translations.

Statement on the allowance for the survivor under the law you have the right to send e-mail, but you will need to notarize.
In addition to the statements on the allowance for the survivor benefits you will need to provide the documents, which can be divided into mandatory and optional documents (may be needed in each case). Mandatory documents include: a passport, a certificate of death of the breadwinner, which is issued in the registry offices on the basis of death certificates, employment history, survivor and proof of dependent status (birth certificate). Additional documents include: proof of the wage earner, the passport of the legal guardian of a dependent, a document confirming the status of single mothers; certificate, confirming the full-time study for dependents under the age of 23 years, the document confirming the fact of disability of the dependant, the court's decision on the recognition of the breadwinner of a missing person, proof of loss of source of livelihood.
Allowance for the survivor is issued for the full period during which the state will pay. For dependents under age there are 2 stages of the benefit: before reaching the age 18 and before reaching 23 years (in the case of full-time study). Dependents with disabilities the allowance will be assigned for the duration of the disability. Specialist of Department of the pension Fund under the registration statement at the survivor must explain the term, which will be designed benefit.