Contact the social security Department and find out whether you or your family members to the persons entitled to a 50 percent discount on fees over the phone. Usually such categories of citizens are:- participants and invalids of the second world war; the home front toilers during the great Patriotic war;- veterans of work;- pensioners who are documented on rehabilitation; disabled of the III group;- single pensioners or families consisting only of pensioners;- pensioners with dependent children up to 18 years of age;- persons with government awards.
Prepare all the documents necessary for receiving compensation for the benefits:- contract with the operator for provision of the subscriber number (or a certificate from the operator);- passport (or a certified copy);- pension certificate (or a certified copy);- an extract from the house register;- excerpt from the personal account;- a certified copy of certificate of disability (for disabled);- certificate of family composition (for retirees, including dependent children up to 18 years);- a certified copy of the certificate of the veteran (the veteran of labour, rehabilitated);- documents confirming the receipt of government awards.
Make a statement in the name of the head of the Department of social protection. Specify in the application how the needs will be carried out compensation payments. If you want the money transferred to a Bank account, provide Bank details. Write the date and sign. Submit all the collected documents.
Note: in some cases, the Department of social protection may request the income of all family members. In that case, if the total income will be 150% of the subsistence minimum, in the payment of monetary compensation for benefits you may be denied.