You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - reference from place of work or study mother;
  • - proof of income from all jobs;
  • - certificate about the illness of his mother.
If the child's mother for some reason is not able to care for it, the father has every right to leave from work. To one and a half years the employer is obliged to calculate and pay a benefit equal to 40% of average earnings in 24 months. From a half to three years, the allowance is not paid, but the father has the right to care for the baby until the specified age.
To formalise child care, contact your employer a statement. Please submit a separate application to grant leave to care for a child up to six years and a half to three years.
Apart from the application you are required to submit a certificate of employment or school of the child's mother that she does not use this type of vacation. If the mother is ill, submit a certificate from medical institution confirming this fact. You will also need the birth certificate of the baby and a photocopy.
Based on the submitted documents, you will receive benefits. If you worked for different employers will receive an income statement and hand it in at the main place of work because you have the right to receive 40% of all revenues in 24 months with which you were held and transferred to the budget of income tax. But the maximum payout may not exceed 13 833,33 of the ruble, the minimum can not be below 2 194,33 rubles to care for the first child and 4 388,67 rubles to care for a second or two.
The benefits begin to accrue from the day following the end of maternity leave and maternity leave. Payment is made in day of salary payment, which is set to the internal regulations of the company.
The employer has no right to deny a father parental leave for child care. If you do receive a denial, appeal against it in the manner prescribed by law, by contacting the labour Inspectorate or the court.