A woman is considered to be a single mother, if she bore a child out of wedlock was not married within 300 days before the appearance of the baby born and is not going to establish paternity of a newborn.
To formalize the birth certificate of the child, prepare all the necessary documents. You will need your internal passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, and also the certificate of birth of the child, which should have been given at discharge from hospital.
Contact the nearest registry office. Birth certificate of the child you can place in any institution, regardless of the place of your residence. At the registry office you will be given the necessary forms, where you will have to specify your child's name and if you want to enter data about the father.
If you are married, the "father" you have the right to put a dash. In this case, the baby has your surname, name and patronymic you can choose according to your desire.
The father may be entered in the birth certificate of the child from the mother. In this case, the name of the Pope is indicated the same as the mother, regardless of how the father's name is actually. Name and patronymic of the Pope is introduced as the woman said in a statement. In this case, the patronymic of the child is written as a derivative of the name of the father.
This birth certificate is nothing outwardly different from the document furnished by both parents. Father, inscribed in the birth certificate with her mother's words, has no legal rights to the child, and not responsible for his liability. Therefore, despite the entry of dad in the birth certificate, the woman will be recognized as a single mom and will have the right to claim all benefits and privileges provided by law for the single moms.
Most children do not know what is written in their papers. Therefore, to enter data about a non-existent dad's testimony for the sake of peace of the baby makes no sense.
To avoid problems when going abroad and the paperwork , and also to confirm the status of a single mother, save the certificate from the Registrar, which will indicate that his father inscribed in the birth certificate with your words.
The document should be issued within one month after birth. Usually, the birth certificate of the baby is given the mother the same day in the registry office, and its design is no more than an hour.
In the future, if you and dad the child will come to the decision to establish paternity, you can arrange the relevant document in the Registrar's office, as well as if you wish to change the name and patronymic of the child.