Decide what benefits you would like to receive, and whether you have it for good reason. Spend less money on utilities can combat veterans and homefront workers, honorary donors, large families, disabled people and participants of the great Patriotic war, victims of technological disasters, victims of political repression. This is a basic list, which can be supplemented in different regions of the country. Therefore, to find out. if you are eligible to receive benefits, you need to contact the local office of the Department of social protection of the population.
Assemble the documents required to obtain benefits. Note that for different types of benefits may require different documents. But, as a rule, required in any case will be the passport or other identity document, documents proving your identity to the socially unprotected layers of the population, for example, the certificate of the veteran of war and labour the medical certificate on disability, honorary sign of the mother-heroine, and so on.
Contact your specialist in the Department of social protection of the population. Ask what additional documents you may need to design benefits. Write a standard application on request, to provide you with a particular benefit (e.g. payment of utility bills or telephone). Specify the number of your checkbooks or social security cards, which will be used to pay for the program of monetization - offset part of your costs.