Advice 1: How to apply for benefits

Citizens from socially unprotected layers of the population, the government provides support in the form of benefits. Certain discounts on utilities, telephone services, kindergartens and other household goods are accessible to certain categories of the population, namely veterans of war and labor, single mothers and parents of children with disabilities, persons with disabilities and others.
How to apply for benefits
Decide what benefits you would like to receive, and whether you have it for good reason. Spend less money on utilities can combat veterans and homefront workers, honorary donors, large families, disabled people and participants of the great Patriotic war, victims of technological disasters, victims of political repression. This is a basic list, which can be supplemented in different regions of the country. Therefore, to find out. if you are eligible to receive benefits, you need to contact the local office of the Department of social protection of the population.
Assemble the documents required to obtain benefits. Note that for different types of benefits may require different documents. But, as a rule, required in any case will be the passport or other identity document, documents proving your identity to the socially unprotected layers of the population, for example, the certificate of the veteran of war and labour the medical certificate on disability, honorary sign of the mother-heroine, and so on.
Contact your specialist in the Department of social protection of the population. Ask what additional documents you may need to design benefits. Write a standard application on request, to provide you with a particular benefit (e.g. payment of utility bills or telephone). Specify the number of your checkbooks or social security cards, which will be used to pay for the program of monetization - offset part of your costs.
Please note that the promotion is calculated individually for each person, depending on his status, material status and housing conditions.

Advice 2 : How to apply for a grant

Poor families, whose total income does not exceed the cost of the subsistence minimum are eligible for support from the state. They can obtain subsidies for utilities, the additional social allowance to the student for meal benefits a child in school, etc. Just need to properly execute the documents for these payments.
How to apply for a grant
Before heading to the Center of social protection of the population, calculate your total family income per month. You need not put only the amount of wages of working family members but also the pension payments of alimony, scholarships, etc. If utilities exceed twenty-two percent of the amount received, then you are eligible for subsidized payments.
But first, you should collect a package of necessary documents. Take a certificate of family composition. It is, as a rule, be given in the housing Department. It should list all who live with you. Be aware that to refuse the issuance of such certificates due debts are not eligible.
Working family members should take the income statement for the last six months in the accounting business. If you don't work, you will have to go to the employment Center.
You also need to take a reference from the school children. They are issued by the Secretary of the school or the Dean.
If you receive child support, it is necessary to submit receipts with the specified amount or to take the place of the former spouse.
Must provide the Centre of social protection is also evidence about absence of debts on payment of municipal services. Keep in mind that until you redeem them, you will not pay subsidies.
Prepare copies of passports and birth certificates.
In addition, you need to provide copy of first page of passbook or Bank details where you will be transferred to the grant.
And only after you collect all the necessary documents, you need to go to the Centre for social protection and write a statement requesting the calculation of subsidies for payment for utility services.
Know that in six months you will have to re-confirm their right to this subsidy.
In addition to subsidies for apartment you can get a free ticket to summer camp for your child through the Center "Family". And to receive a lump sum payment for the purchase of stationery by the beginning of the school year.
To preferential categories of citizens eligible for subsidies include not only low-income families, and persons with disabilities, single mothers, large families. In some regions additional subsidies at the expense of the city budget.
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