Upon reaching retirement age to make all the necessary "soft" documentation should contact the district management of social protection of the population (not necessarily the place of permanent residence).

Benefits for all pensioners

Pensioners (men over 60 and women over 55 years) who do not belong to the privileged categories are entitled to:

- free movement in any public transport;

- free dental prosthetics. Subsequent repair of dental prostheses, associated costs for precious metals, porcelain fused to metal in the manufacture of prostheses are not counted.

Benefits for single pensioners

Single pensioners or families consisting only of pensioners are entitled to:

- free movement in a variety of urban public transport;

- free dentures, the subsequent repair of dentures. Also the associated costs of precious metals, porcelain fused to metal in the manufacture of prostheses are not considered;

- monthly cash compensation in the amount 190 rubles phone service landline (only for subscribers of a telephone network);

- exemption from payment of services in export of solid household waste.

Single pensioners receive a subsidy on your monthly utilities. It is mandatory. Also single people of retirement age reserves the right to use collective television antennas, paying only 50% of the established rate.

Benefits for pensioners that are on the maintenance of minor children

Almost the same benefits to pensioners or single family pensioners, who are in the care of minor children, those who are under 18 years of age. In this case also maintain the right to free travel on any public transport. People are provided with free dentures, will receive monthly compensation for services telephone landline.

Benefits alone for veterans of labor

If a single pensioner has a document confirming his status of the veteran of work, he can count on additional benefits. It means free travel on suburban railway transport (trains). Lone veteran returns 50% of the payment of utilities. Also provided according to medical indications free full sanatorium-resort treatment of travel on railway transport to the destination and back.