The tradition of writing a farewell row if the dismissal came to us relatively recently and did not take hold everywhere, but, nevertheless, it is an indicator of good taste. Before you compose a letter of thanks, need to decide on the recipient: it can be drawn as to the organisation itself (then the style will be more official), and to the team as a whole, or to each of the employees individually. Such a letter is half a business document which is an important element of employment etiquette.
A letter of thanks addressed to the whole organization or the head, is made according to the same rules as ordinary business letter. Such a document has a header in the upper right corner of the worksheet that contains the data of addressee (person or organization). Then follows a treatment that begins with your name or company name. You can use adjectives (dear, dear). Further – the text of the letter and signature in the lower left corner.
The text of the official thank-you letters, as a rule, is based on common phrases-templates (Express my deep gratitude, I Express my sincere gratitude) and positive adjectives which describe joint activities (accurate, beautiful, reliable, conscientious, etc.). In the signature except the name, indicate the position. A good practice to start signing with "sincerely".
The letter, addressed to colleagues, although it is a requirement of the business etiquette should not be too formal. It should be started with informing employees that you leave the organization. If possible, it is desirable to specify the reason for the decision, if it is not strongly negative or delicate. It is further recommended to mention the positive aspects of joint work, shared achievements. It is important to acknowledge the invaluable help of colleagues in your personal victories.
Gratitude to the team is very important, we should avoid a formal tone. Sincere message to the employees usually ends with a proposal to stay in touch. Here you can leave your contact information: phone, email or link on social network page. Signature also better to make informal by replacing the phrase "sincerely," "warmest wishes", "always yours", etc. it is possible that the persistence of warm human relations with colleagues will have a positive impact not only on the level of emotional comfort, but also for his future career.