You will need
  • - a beautiful card or special form;
  • - color helium handle;
  • - pencil;
  • - the range.
The stationery shop will buy a card or a special form for letters of thanks, nicely decorated and with frame. Finely sharpened pencil with a ruler mark a field for inscriptions and raschertite it, pressing slightly below the line of text that you write down was smooth and beautiful.
Thank-you letter to write "by hand". This, of course, have to expend more effort than printing it on the printer, but it will be less "official" look. To use to write better than a gel pen or fine writing pen, red color, to the letter looked more "solemn". Try to keep letters when writing was smooth.
Start with the address "Dear" and always call parents by name and patronymic, if you are writing from the school community. Children, congratulating them on the anniversary of the wedding, of course, you can write simply: "Dear mom and dad!".
Main text of the letter, if you write it on behalf of the staff, start by thanking and identifying the particular merits and qualities of the child that you want to note for the education which it want to thank my parents. Try not to be too lengthy, dispense with fancy words and kantselyarizmami. It has to represent sincerity and warm attitude towards the parentswho were able to invest in their children those qualities that make it useful to society.
Text letters of appreciation must be signed by those representatives of the collective on whose behalf the gratitude is expressed. Usually the print on the signature is not required, even if the letter is formal and written on behalf of the organization. Check out the letter in the presence of misprints and spelling errors, because if it will hang, as reward, on the wall, you will be uncomfortable for my carelessness.