Write the book offers organization, enterprise, or firm to the Director representation on promotion. In the view, specify the name of the employee that is considered necessary to declare gratitude, as well as his experience in the organization, type of activity, position, assessment of his actions, motive and reason for declaring gratitude and encouragement. So declared the gratitude can be for the significant contribution to the activities of the enterprise or the development of any special directions for the faithful flawless work, professionalism when performing certain tasks, for exemplary performance of certain duties, for a creative approach to the fulfilment of the obligations for active participation in some public events on behalf of the company or firm etc.
After the head of the written word on the submission of a staff member to promote as a " thank you on behalf of the company, the Director analyzes the situation, considering the matter and imposes a resolution.
Publish the inner order. The order "About encouragement" has a corresponding sequence number depending on dokumentooborota in the workplace. It specifies the motive of such promotion (account of all the circumstances of the case), the name of the person assigned to the promotion in the form of gratitude, his position, a structural unit in which he works and words of gratitude.
On the basis of such order declared gratitude in a circle of collective or public planning meeting, and entered a special entry on the promotion in the work book. Hand the employee a letter of thanks with the signature and seal of the head of the organization.