The dismissal of an employee on their own is usually a surprise to the employer. Inform us about this decision should, as far as correct form for a certain period prior to the date of dismissal. It is necessary to consider corporate rules and guidelines which may exist within a particular company. The labour law obliges the employee to notify the organization about the decision no later than two weeks, however, if you have a long unfinished projects or other sensitive cases it is recommended to the initiative to increase this notice period.

In what form to inform the user about the upcoming dismissal?

While the message of dismissal should be used as the correct expression, not to focus on possible negative aspects of working in the organization. On the contrary, it is recommended to specify on the received positive experience, professional and cohesive team. It is also necessary to mention his own willingness to finish tasks and projects, transfer of long-term and ongoing work to another employee. In this case, the employer is more likely to be calm about the decision of the employee and will issue a termination of employment in full accordance with the law. However, at the same time an oral statement of dismissal must submit a written application to the employer.

How to inform colleagues and partners about the dismissal?

Immediately upon notification of management, it is recommended to announce the imminent dismissal of colleagues, partners, and to notify employees of other companies with whom we had contact in the performance of official duties. This will create a positive impression about the employee, forced to talk about him as a true professional who is reliable and honest. In addition, when working in a particular area a high probability of joint work with anyone from former colleagues, so a good separation and subsequent maintenance of friendly relations will only help in the future. It is not recommended to mention any negative aspects of work in the organization, compare it to the new place of work, make incorrect comments. As the dismissal reason is enough to indicate their own desire to develop and learn new activities to advance your career.