Start the letter with the instructions, to whom you are writing. Complete your message as accepted in business correspondence. In the upper right part of the paper, write three lines of position, name of company and name of the head, for example:

The Director-General
OOO "Intervasion"
Ivanov I. I.
Specify who is the sender of the letter. Do it after the indent from the previous section, messages on the right side. You need to note your job title and surname initials, for example:

From the head of the sales Department
Esenina E. E.
Back off a few lines from the previous section, align the cursor at the middle of the page, indicate the nature of the message. You can write a "memo", "Information letter" or "explanatory reference", it all depends on for what reason you apply to the head of the organization. To put a point after the heading is not necessary. If the letter is associated with any request, you can simply contact the Director by name in a respectful manner.
Start your letter with words that will explain the reason for his writing, for example, "in continuation of our talks," "in accordance with your request" or "based on your suggestions."
If your letter is associated with a request for the purchase of equipment, improving of the employee or providing opportunities to make business trips, it is better to begin a letter with "Please consider...".
Describe the situation, make clarifications, arrange tables or charts, if the nature of the letter requires. The alignment of the main part of the document should be set to the width of the page. Each line should begin with indentation.
Sign your letter, be sure to use before specifying the names of the standard "sincerely", after it you must put a comma.
Do not forget to specify the date of writing the letter and signature on the printed document.
If your organization has instituted internal communication by email, start your letter with an appeal and present all information in a free form.