You will need
  • computer;
  • - laser printer (desirable);
  • - a sheet of A4 paper.
Carefully read the vacancy, and in deciding on the application for consideration of his candidature as a worthy competitor, make a phone call to the company, specifying and writing the post, as well as the surname, name, patronymic of the employee or the head of the organization, which will be addressed in the letter. Find out about filing deadlines in accordance with employer's vacancy.
Before you compose an email, consider its content carefully studied the requirements to the applicant for the position. Mentally describe the experience based on acquired knowledge and skills. For writing letters better suited to a text editor Word, that is not only beautiful, but also competently prepare the document, making the employer a good impression.
In the top right of the sheet, specify the name of the organization, as well as the position of the employee or the head, depending on who it's for. Writing a text start with a greeting, mentioning the name of the person to whom addressed cover letter.
In the first paragraph of the document inform about the source of information from which it became known about the free posts. In a few sentences briefly and clearly state the purpose of the letter, using phrases and expressions that will sound convincing which will help to interest the employer.
The Central part of the cover letter complete the transfer of knowledge and skills acquired previously, and also refer to the experience. This paragraph should not be overloaded with excessive amounts of information. Expand inherent competencies required for the solution of the tasks imposed by the employer.
Arguments his desire and interest in becoming a member of an organization, ready if necessary to make efforts for the quality performance of their official duties. The short form report about the awareness activities and the development of the company. Mention of consent to be interviewed. This will be an additional advantage when choosing your candidate.
At the end of the cover letter necessarily specify your surname, name, patronymic, signature and leave contact information, phone number and email address. Use concluding unambiguously interpreted phrase that reveals the respect and sincere desire directed at long-lasting cooperation, addressed to the employer.
Carefully, slowly check out the compiled cover letter for grammar mistakes. Read it several times out loud to understand that everything written sounds correctly, beautifully, lucidly, and does not contain unnecessary information.