Advice 1: How to make a request

Communication today is unthinkable without business letters. Business correspondence is the written dialogue that helps organizations and citizens to solve the most important for their life and activities questions. Genre and thematic range of service is diverse. The most common today, of a letter of request. It is hardly possible to list all situations that entail the need to write such letters. At the same time; templates and standards that will facilitate the preparation of any request.
How to make a request
In a simple situation, if the recipient is not necessary to inform about the background of the issue to convince of the need of assistance, please set out immediately, briefly and clearly: "I Ask You (what to do and why)". When "expensive", "complex" request, it is necessary to reasonably explain the reason why, in what context, for what purpose the author of the letter asks for assistance.
The composition of the letter of request is as follows:
- introduction (statement of the facts, events that have shaped the situation - the reason for writing);

- justification (explanation of the main reasons that caused the appeal to the addressee with a request);

- conclusion (itself please).
A variant of the simple letter of request is similar to the application form (personal or on behalf of the team). While it is appropriate to set out the requests:

- the first person (singular number) - "Please"...

- the first person (PL. number) - "Please"...

- third person (singular number), "Administration requests"...

- third person (PL. number) - a number of nouns with a collective meaning.
When describing the reasons are used the wording: due to..., considering..., based on the results of..., due to inconsistencies... etc. in describing the purpose of the reference: for an early solution to the issue..., to implement..., to coordinate..., to ensure..., avoid... When referencing the basis for the request: according to the government resolution, according to the Protocol, in connection with the appeal, in accordance with the understanding reached earlier, based on our phone conversation, on the basis of oral agreement, etc.
Composing a letter of request, do not forget this instruction of Chesterfield: "In business letters is valued above all clarity". The letter must clearly and distinctly Express the essence of their request, without equivocation.
Useful advice
A polite tone is very appropriate in the preparation of letters of requests: "We hope that You will find it possible...", "Tell us, please...", "We would be most grateful if You...", "We will be glad, if You"... At the same time to thank the addressee in advance is not in a hurry. It is better to Express gratitude once your request is granted.

Advice 2 : How to write letter of assistance

Financial assistance may require any person or organization. With applications for financial assistance to the management of the enterprise or in bodies of social protection it is clear – for such petitions, in most cases, there are established forms and patterns of writing. But to properly compose a letter about the provision of care to some third party – an art. Especially if in return, you will not be able to give nothing but sincere thanks.
How to write letter of assistance
Get as much information about the person to whom you intend to ask for help. Gathering information will allow you to choose the best tone for the letter and choose the most effective argument, find the "sensitive point". Especially if you intend to refer not to a faceless organization, but to a specific person (for example, by the famous artist, businessman or politician). Remember, your problem – all possible ways to interest a potential sponsor for funding.
Contact your potential sponsor in the letter maximum respect, but without excessive flattery and adulation. All the compliments have to be very diplomatic. It is best to specify in the letter the specific reasons why you decided to apply for assistance to the sponsor: the specific facts, achievements, achievements. In short, a detailed list of reasons why the organization or person has earned your trust.
Set a specific amount of money that you need, and why you need it. That is, the specific goals in detail. But not necessary to enumerate the necessary organizational costs. For example, if you intend to request financial assistance to start a business that will employ disabled persons, not to paint in the letter of assistance in detail the anticipated costs for items like rent of premises, salaries accountant, etc. it is Unlikely that such "prose of life" will appeal to a potential sponsor. There is no obligation to open up a business from scratch, even socially useful and socially meaningful for their own money.
Underline the letter in all possible ways your honesty and trustworthiness. Mention that you will be ready at any time to provide to the sponsor all financial records up to invoices on demand. And that he can be absolutely sure that not one penny of money given to them will not be wasted, or for any other purpose, except for those that you initially indicated in your letter.

Advice 3 : How to write a letter to request

Cover letter on job application call letterof request and in most cases send it along with your resume. In the letter, the applicant indicates their qualifications, education, experience and other skills. The first opinion about the future of the employee the employer receives from the letters of the petition, therefore, when writing every detail is important.
How to write a letter to request
You will need
  • paper and pen or personal computer and printer.
If you plan to find a new job, then you need to know how to write a letter to petition for admission to the position you are interested in. In the employment market, a competition, a letter petition also much like a resume. Treat its development seriously. Properly drafted petition allows the employer to first pay attention to your resume, and you will be in the forefront of applicants for this job. A properly drafted petition for admission to work will be your guide in obtaining the best work. Start writing letters, following the proposed plan.
First write a word of welcome. Without familiarity, clearly addressing him by name and patronymic and surname. The petition letter, having no particular destination, is likely to remain unread.
Specify a reason for writing. In this paragraph try to clearly explain your interest as an applicant to this vacancy. And specify a few reasons that explain your interest in this company.
Clearly specify that you can offer the employer, provide that your skills and experience meet the requirements for this position, please describe with more profitable side of the personal and professional qualities. Try to write clearly and convincingly, that the employer could believe that you are the only suitable candidate.
At the conclusion of the letter, ask to set up a time for a personal meeting. Express your gratitude to the employer for taking the time to read your application. It is advisable if you Express hope for a positive solution to your question. Please specify your contact information: email address, phone numbers. Remember, this letter is your business card, so pay close attention to style, grammar and spelling. After writing the letter, check carefully for spelling errors or misprints.
Useful advice
Each item of the plan of the letter of petition is a separate situation, try to expand on it in detail, thereby the chances of getting the right job will increase several times.
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