In a simple situation, if the recipient is not necessary to inform about the background of the issue to convince of the need of assistance, please set out immediately, briefly and clearly: "I Ask You (what to do and why)". When "expensive", "complex" request, it is necessary to reasonably explain the reason why, in what context, for what purpose the author of the letter asks for assistance.
The composition of the letter of request is as follows:
- introduction (statement of the facts, events that have shaped the situation - the reason for writing);

- justification (explanation of the main reasons that caused the appeal to the addressee with a request);

- conclusion (itself please).
A variant of the simple letter of request is similar to the application form (personal or on behalf of the team). While it is appropriate to set out the requests:

- the first person (singular number) - "Please"...

- the first person (PL. number) - "Please"...

- third person (singular number), "Administration requests"...

- third person (PL. number) - a number of nouns with a collective meaning.
When describing the reasons are used the wording: due to..., considering..., based on the results of..., due to inconsistencies... etc. in describing the purpose of the reference: for an early solution to the issue..., to implement..., to coordinate..., to ensure..., avoid... When referencing the basis for the request: according to the government resolution, according to the Protocol, in connection with the appeal, in accordance with the understanding reached earlier, based on our phone conversation, on the basis of oral agreement, etc.