You will need
  • - knowledge of the tastes of the person you want to thank;
  • - flowers;
  • card;
  • oral thanks with a sympathetic tone.
Tokens, which you can use to Express your thanks, a lot. This is the usual "thank you" and little things that can lift the mood of the person and to show him your appreciation.
In recent years become very popular musical greetings and congratulations. If your friend is a music lover, get him a musical gift for a loved one the wave radio. Music congratulations not for nothing so popular as symbolize your attention and do not require any commitment, as in the case of tangible gifts. But try to people at the right time I heard your music greetings: it would be a pity if he was unclaimed.
Give a card and flowers – traditionally they are considered to be symbols of attention and respect. And although many they hardly seem original, but this way of demonstrating attention to time-tested, and hence evaluated on merit. Agree, any woman would be pleased if he came home or in the office, she sees a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful rose with a thank you card. Don't forget to sign the card personally, at least write a couple of lines, after all, despite countless greetings printed in the printing house, the man is nice to know that you spent time on it and added to the already written words something of their own. But if you want to emphasize its special thanks, make a card yourself. Know, time is the most valuable thing we have, and that you have not regretted it for making greeting cards with your own hands, by itself, warms the soul more than a thousand words.
Draw on balloons smileys, sign wishes soft toys and hearts with the words "thank you" is also a good idea to surprise a man and give him a good mood. However, note here the sex and age of the person. Young girl it will be nice, but the man in the age is unlikely to be suitable.
If you know what motivates your benefactor, give him something he likes to devote his time to invite for a game of bowling, paintball, to present a book, etc.
Thank with the help of billboards and posters, the development of advertising has created many variants of this kind of announcements, greetings, etc. In this case, your appreciation will know not only the person you want to thank, but also the entire city. However, official you can Express gratitude through publication in the local media, usually it is very flattering.