Prepare a standard form of A4 format for writing confirmation letter. In the top left corner will place information about your organization: full name, legal address, zip code, telephone number, primary state registration number (OGRN), and other information. In the upper right corner enter the details of recipient: name of the recipient organization, position, name and initials of the person who sent the letterof confirmation, your complete mailing address.
Specify the mail header. This will facilitate its identification by the recipient and will facilitate the systematization of the archive of your organization. The title should be short and informative, for example: "On receipt of the agreement for the supply of NNN, OOO, or On the approval of attendance of seminars 02.02.2002. The print title to the left under the details of your organization.
Start from header 2-3 lines and type the address to the addressee. Use a standard form of official letters to business partners: "Dear Ivan Ivanovich!" or "Dear Mr. DOE!".
In the main part of the letter of confirmation describe briefly the fact of getting your organization the recipient of any documents, goods, and services. The wording should be concise and should not exceed 1-2 sentences: OOO "AAA acknowledges the receipt of two (2) copies of the contract of delivery from 12.02.2011 No. 34".
If the letter confirmed previously reached agreements, it is necessary to describe briefly their essence. For example, between the General Directors of enterprises held a conversation in which they expressed their intention of cooperation. In the confirmation email you can write: "NNN, OOO agrees to mutually beneficial cooperation, reached during the negotiations 29.01.2010 G. Please send the documents necessary for the conclusion of the contract."
Finish the letter with a phrase that expresses gratitude and hope for long term cooperation. If necessary, you can at the end of the letter to request additional information or documents: "we hereby Confirm our participation in the seminar on environmental issues 23.05.2008 g. Please send the application form to our address".
Print the letter in two copies and sign at the head of the organization. One copy you will send to the addressee by mail, second – place in their own files for safekeeping.