Physiological causes nighttime and morning erections

Physiological causes are based on various processes occurring in the male body as during sleep and in the daytime. During the night an erection increases blood flow to the penile tissues, thereby enriching them with oxygen and nutrients. Studies have shown that during sleep erection occurs about 5 times.

It is believed that the body produces self-testing the correct operation of all systems. If men have not observed an erection in the night or in the morning, it can be an indicator of improper operation of the body.

Previously, scientists believed that the pressure of a full bladder on the prostate gland can cause lifting of the penis. Blood in the body is constantly updated, priliva to all organs, but to the penis it flows only when it is in flaccid state.

Amount of testosterone in the blood early in the morning, rises to its maximum possible value. It is quite possible that it can also cause arbitrary arousal in men.

Some scientists believe that the erection in the morning can be a consequence of brain activity during rapid sleep phase. Just to prove it is very problematic, so this is only a guess.

Emotional reasons

Emotional reasons are based on experience man feelings. In the morning the representative of the stronger sex can dream of an erotic nature, which with great probability could cause the lifting of the penis. Men admit that they often have erotic dreams. It is their view and perception is tremendous excitement, which in turn results in an erection. They claim that during sleep the brain perceives everything in a different way and what life might bring, be sure to do it in my sleep.

The scientists who conducted laboratory observations and experiments, by contrast, believe that dreams, that sees man, and their subject is not important. In simple words, dreaming does not affect the expression of an erection in the morning and night hours. Scientists also noticed that men who were perfectly healthy, slept well, was not psychologically depressed, did not experience stress felt very strong excitation.

Unconscious desire and pleasure, sleep with the woman can also cause an erection. During sleep the body can touch, and the brain perceives it as something pleasant and exciting.