Potency in men is characterized by:• the presence of sexual desire;• the presence of normal erection;• high-quality end of sexual intercourse;• duration of recovery of erection after sexual intercourse.The age of love not a hindrance, but often the age of men also affects his ability to have sexual activity.
The presence of libido is characterized by emotional and sexual desire of a man for bodily contact with a particular partner. Libido can manifest as a result of sympathy for the partner, and is possible only as the desire to satisfy physiological needs in men. Another important factor that affects libido, is the permissibility of this act, the place and conditions of its Commission. If the man feels about his partner of sexual desire, and also regularly feels emotional discomfort of awareness of the prohibition or failure, it will negatively affect his potency and mental condition.
Without normal erections in men possible to complete the sexual act in its full sense. In the absence of an erection of the sexual member loses the ability to grow in size and harden, causing the man had deep emotional experiences, which would seriously affect the potency.
Quality end of sexual intercourse is characterized by its duration and voluptuous completion. In unfavorable cases, the man may disappear an erection, and in turn, and potency. If a man is pleased with how committed were sexual intercourse, and how satisfied his sexual partner, then it increases self-esteem. He feels the strength and ability to deliver pleasure to the partner, and this has a positive effect on male potency.
The combined presence of all these factors the man should serve as an indicator of normal potency. Certain standards in medicine does not exist, because the body, psychological and emotional state of the men, but each of them knows their abilities and is able to determine when and what abnormalities he started in accordance with the above mentioned factors.
In any case, the man with suspected reduced potency should seek qualified medical help. And as for the male potency affect not only physical but also emotional factors, you should get advice and treatment from several doctors: therapist, psychiatrist, urologist, neurologist, and neurosurgeon.