At what age do wet dreams happen?

Usually wet dreams occur in adolescents aged 12-15 years, which coincides with the period of puberty. Sudden ejaculation considered normal, is a sign of transition in the reproductive age. Fully wet dreams disappear in some men aged 55-60 years. No need to be afraid or ashamed of it. Frequency involuntary seminal eruptions are highly individual, depending on some factors. Pollutions considered normal up to two times a week up to two times in three months. Too frequent eruptions seed can be a consequence of hypersexuality in men (satyriasis).

Why wet dreams happen and is this normal?

It should be noted that daytime and nocturnal emissions are the norm, and not to any deviation in the male body. If to be a little more precise, the emission proves correct hormonal gonads. And involuntary ejaculation is a kind of protection of the organism to the excess hormones, lack of sexual discharge, sexual abstinence.
Due to the constitutional peculiarities of men, wet dreams can also occur in men who have been sexually active.

Most often daytime wet dreams occur in adolescents who have not had sexual experience. It is associated with increased levels of sex hormones, and also by the lack of a partner. Day pollutions can be divided into adequate and inadequate. In the first case the involuntary eruption of semen comes under the influence of erotic and sexual arousal, that is, the kisses, caresses or embraces, in some cases accompanied by orgasm. Inadequate wet dreams usually occur as a result of stimuli, e.g. when doing physical exercise or getting strong emotions, as anger, fear, shame, or excitement.
Pollution is a kind of safety valve which relieves sexual addiction with the representatives of the strong half of mankind.

If you are concerned concerning getting rid of fluorescent emissions, experts do not recommend to deal with this natural manifestation. It is not only useless, but may even be harmful to men's health. This physiological process operates according to natural laws, so amendments should not be.