What is erectile dysfunction?

An erection is the indicator that tells about the physical and mental condition of men. Almost all men in varying degrees, experiencing problems with erection. The reasons for this is more than enough, for example, trouble at work, difficulties in relationships with women, as well as various diseases.

Most often the erectile dysfunction are drugs, alcohol, and regular use of certain medicines. Also this disorder is in constant nervous tension.

Weak erection does not preclude intimacy. Even when the sexual organ of men is not quite solid, the representative of the stronger sex are able to experience orgasm. By the way, in some cases alcohol may increase the excitement. This figure is very individual.

Increase the duration of erection

Little the duration of sexual intercourse can interfere with enjoying both women and men. There are several ways to prolong erection.

Often the reason for quick ejaculation is stress. In order to relieve the tension, the man needs to take a deep breath. If a man will learn to do it during sex, it will show itself from the best side.

Another way to prolong erection is the squeezing of the penis. This should be done during the onset of orgasm. Eventually he will back down, and feelings will be much brighter.

Another method, which is used during orgasm – pulling of testicles. The effect of this method is about the same as when pinching of the penis.

Quite effective method is retraction. But it requires prior training of the muscles located between the pubis and the coccyx. Ejaculation comes much later, when they are relaxing alternately, and bladder free.

Increase erection

First of all try to focus on the partner. Enjoy the process and discard extraneous thoughts. Try to make a break in the intimate life. After the hunger appetite increases.

A good way of stimulating an erection is exercise. Avoid stagnation of blood in pelvic region. To do this, often try to move at a quick pace.

On the footsteps of the men is a large number of points, which are responsible for sexual arousal. So often need to walk barefoot or massaging the foot.

Turn your routine sex in the morning. In the morning the male body produces many hormones which stimulate the erection.

Also improve erection can the use of a contrast shower. You need to water the pelvic region warm and cold water. This procedure is good for improving blood circulation.

And, of course, regular sex is a good way to enhance erection, because the body representative of the stronger sex responds to arousal and satisfaction. The more often a man has sex, the easier it will be excited again.