Why do men feel spontaneous night or morning erection, care and girls of all ages, and the boys. Precise explanations, there is only guesses and assumptions. Perhaps triggers are not a factor, but several.

Physiological causes morning erection

It is believed that the body itself carries out testing of all its systems. It is believed that early in the morning he checks the efficiency of all organs. Hence the erection. By the way, urologists insist on a full survey, if the man noted the disappearance of morning erections.

The filling of the bladder to the end of the night will likely cause an erection. The prostate is under pressure from the bladder, resulting in the penis rises.

Erections in the early morning can be regarded as a preventive measure the body. The blood must be updated in all the organs, which she does. But in penis it is surging only when he is in the erect condition.

Many scientists believe that morning erection is a direct consequence of brain activity during rapid sleep phase. Assumption has a right to exist. Only to prove extremely problematic. So the version remains only a guess.

Early in the morning the amount of testosterone in the blood rises to the maximum possible value. Probably why penis arbitrarily raised.

Emotional causes morning erection

Causes an erection in the morning can be based not only on physiological processes, but also on the emotional experiences of men. The dependence of the body from experiencing feelings have been proven.

If the guy is dreaming an erotic dream, with a huge probability of the penis will rise. Some representatives of the male half of the planet is recognized that frequent dreams of sexual themes. Men claim that what they dream can and not to excite them in real life, but in dreams everything is perceived differently. Enormous arousal from the viewing of sleep naturally results in an erection.

Another emotional cause of morning erections can be called the presence of the woman. When a man sleeps with his beloved in the same bed, their bodies touching, it gives unconscious pleasure. Turns out this man all night enjoying the caresses of his women. Why then be surprised when in the morning there is a strong erection? The relationship of the lovers is a complex mechanism!