Male abstinence

Abstinence in men can lead to erectile dysfunction and disorders of ejaculation that directly affect reproductive function. However, the effects of abstinence for men directly depend on his age, physical and emotional state. Young men (under 35 years) with high sexual temperament disorders on the background of a long abstinence normally not happen, and erection and ejaculation return to normal after the first sexual contact. 35 years abstinence is able to cause more damage to the human body and can cause premature ejaculation and downs of sexual desire. Recovery of sexual function may require the resumption of regular sexual contacts.

For men over the age of 40 after a long abstinence, you may need medical help and advice sexologist. The bigger the manhood, the greater number of problems he might face in the absence of sex. Due to early rejection of sexuality and the result of related emotional States in this age can appear impotence. Abstinence is especially harmful to men who have struck the prostate.

Prolonged lack of sex can cause the beginning of various pathological processes in the male body. Constantly abstinence initiates stagnant processes in the body, which subsequently lead to adenoma and prostatitis. Also increases the risk of cancers of the reproductive system.

Some doctors recommend abstinence during the unsuccessful attempts of a couple to conceive a child. Experts believe that the lack of sex improves sperm quality. However, there is no specific data which would support this theory. On the contrary, there are studies showing that long-term abstinence with the opposite effect on the activity of the sperm.

Women's temperance

First refusal to have sex women leads to a sharp increase in attraction to men, but after a few months the desire to have sex can go. After the resumption of sexual intercourse a woman may begin to experience discomfort. Some can experience pain during sex. This is due to the fact that the vagina begins to produce less amount of grease, and the woman just gets a sharp increase sexual arousal, which will return to it only gradually. To achieve orgasm after long abstinence difficult and emotional release can occur only in a few months.

On the background of long-term absence of sex, women may start to develop depression. Increases the risk of a nervous breakdown, bad mood. This is due to the fact that sex can remove the emotional tension and stress. On the background of psychological disorders there is a decline in immunity, leading to increased likelihood of getting sick, for example, a cold or infectious disease.

It is also worth noting that women not having sex, often detected that dangerous diseases such as uterine myoma, mastopathy, fibroids and even cancer. Diseases occur after a long abstinence in the imbalance of estrogen and progesterone. Hormonal failure affects the emotional state, leading to depression, neurasthenia and neurosis. Long abstinence has an impact on relations between men and women. Abstinence has an effect on the thyroid gland, the deterioration of conditions which can result in even more problems with the body.