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Despite the fact that people are very much concerned about the sexual side of life, very few people can say, leading regular sex life and very happy with it. If you have a lack of sex or low quality, the emergence of erotic dreams is quite natural. The body is "waiting" orgasm, and the dream only indicates this. Even if the sex life is all right, these dreams are still dreams from time to time, though rarely.

Erotic dreams for both women and men, but in unequal measure. According to studies, men they attend slightly more often than women. But as psychologists point out, it all depends on the temperament in which some women can give a handicap to any man.

At the same time, between women's and men's erotic dreams, there are some differences: the beautiful half of humanity often present psychological subtext.

Even if you had a very naughty dream that may embarrass you, that's totally fine. Morality and decency are acquired in the process of upbringing is the restrictions that are needed to man could exist in the society. But in dreams there are no such boundaries, so you can see anything you want.

That could mean an erotic dream

Sometimes dreams mean nothing, but sometimes they can point to some psychological characteristics of a person or reflect a situation in which it is located. The frequency of erotic dreams, for example, suggests that in real life you are lacking sex. The more you think about sex, the more he dreams.

To understand what exactly your sleep, upon waking it is helpful to record as many details as possible. Ask yourself, what events did you like? What shocked? Have you experienced the pleasure? Significantly, what was your partner, how he behaved with you. All this may reflect your hidden desires or fears.

Try to build an associative series. Is there something in your dream that alludes to any recent events in your life? Did in a dream a reflection of some of your secret and powerful aspirations?

Sometimes dreams tell people about the psychological trauma and repressed emotions. Try to "spin" things that cause you a deep response, even if you don't understand why. Don't forget to write it down, make it easier to draw conclusions.

Whatever you found, do not forget that often dreams are just dreams. The subconscious mind not always trying to say something or explain, sometimes you just see an interesting picture.