Advice 1: How to control ejaculation

Feature of men is that they are very easily excited and quickly satisfied, but women are complicated: they are very difficult to initiate and even harder to fully satisfy. It is known that men and women reach orgasm at different times, and today, fans of sex are looking for ways of how to "finish together". One solution to this problem is the ejaculation control.
How to control ejaculation
A newcomer does not need to be overly excited or show a lot of passion. The pioneers should start with women who are not distinguished by beauty or overly sexual outfits, and are the owners of a wide vagina. With this type of women the man will quickly learn to control yourself.
You must learn, slowly and gently to insert his penis into the vagina and withdraw it sudden and quick movement.
Master the technique of three shallow and one penetrating thrust. Try to master this method so that you can do 81 push for single sign-on.
If a man felt a strong excitement, he needed at that moment to stop the tremors out from the vagina and wait to calm down. Only after this process should continue.
Next, you need to master the method of five, and later nine shallow and one penetrating thrust. Try to focus on the process.
There is a "method of extruding according to Masters and Johnson." It is used in the pose when the partner is on top. Man has advance warning of the approach of the moment of ejaculation, the woman then very quickly lifted, releasing the penis from the vagina, and for a few seconds with your fingers pinched by the coronary edge. The pressure helps to stop the urge to ejaculation. The partner waits for about 30 seconds, and then continues a sexual act.
Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles surrounding the root of the penis, and improve pelvic blood circulation. They help focus attention on the sensations that occur just before ejaculation. Many men are able to fully control ejaculation, regular doing of these exercises to you feel more orgasm.
Useful advice
Only need to pay attention to arousal. Try on a scale (as one option) from 0 to 10, where 0 is complete calm, 10 – lots of emotions when ejaculation permanently. When a member entered deeply, the man makes short thrusts, the head is not irritated. Look for a position in which it is easier for you to manage yourself. Also helps to control ejaculation frequent change of poses.

Advice 2 : Short sex: the treatment of early ejaculation

Treatment of early ejaculation lies in addressing its causes. Often premature ejaculation is the result of physical illnesses or psychogenic factors, the removal of which returns to the man control over the duration of sexual intercourse.
Treatment of early ejaculation
Before you decide on the ways of treating premature ejaculation is determine the cause. After all, depending on why the ejaculation occurs sooner than I would like a man, and is a way to solve this naughty problem.

Premature ejaculation can be absolute and relative. The absolute type is the case when ejaculation happens earlier than one minute after they start intercourse. Relative type, respectively, is when ejaculation occurs not in a moment, but before that would like the man or his sexual partner.

Absolute premature ejaculation: causes and treatment

The absolute type of premature ejaculation often occurs on the background of various diseases and congenital problems with the sexual organs. These include and hypersensitivity of the glans penis. In fact, the hypersensitivity of the head is not a list of diseases, but it is particularly intense in this part of the member lead to the inability for a long time to have sex. "Treated" hypersensitivity to local anesthetics or by surgical denervation of the head of the penis.

Among diseases in the occurrence of premature ejaculation may be to blame for inflammatory processes in organs of small pelvis, neurological diseases, including the consequences of serious injuries of the pelvis and spine, as well as problems endocrine nature. In the case of detection of such problems treatment of premature ejaculation begins with elimination of the disease-the causes, often enough and additional therapy is not required.

Another source of problems with ejaculation psychogenic factor. So, the culprit of premature ejaculation can be a passion for Masturbation or a long break in sexual relations. In this case, to help solve the problem with premature ejaculation can regular practice classic sex, as well as a tolerant attitude to the problem from the sexual partner.

Relative premature ejaculation: causes and treatment

When to refrain from ejaculation, it turns out more than a minute after the beginning of intercourse to control ejaculation is still not out, the reason lies solely in the psychogenic factor.

If the experience of sexual intercourse at the time of detection of the problem is not rich, then worry not. With regular practice, the ability to control the process of ejaculation will come by itself. In this case, it is important not to dwell on it, for the imposition itself of the inferiority complex can only aggravate the situation. Regular practice can't cure premature ejaculation in men who previously did big break in sexual relations.
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