A newcomer does not need to be overly excited or show a lot of passion. The pioneers should start with women who are not distinguished by beauty or overly sexual outfits, and are the owners of a wide vagina. With this type of women the man will quickly learn to control yourself.
You must learn, slowly and gently to insert his penis into the vagina and withdraw it sudden and quick movement.
Master the technique of three shallow and one penetrating thrust. Try to master this method so that you can do 81 push for single sign-on.
If a man felt a strong excitement, he needed at that moment to stop the tremors out from the vagina and wait to calm down. Only after this process should continue.
Next, you need to master the method of five, and later nine shallow and one penetrating thrust. Try to focus on the process.
There is a "method of extruding according to Masters and Johnson." It is used in the pose when the partner is on top. Man has advance warning of the approach of the moment of ejaculation, the woman then very quickly lifted, releasing the penis from the vagina, and for a few seconds with your fingers pinched by the coronary edge. The pressure helps to stop the urge to ejaculation. The partner waits for about 30 seconds, and then continues a sexual act.