You will need
  • - plantain;
  • - the ice or chilled drink;
  • "Valokordin", "Corvalol", tincture of calendula, a balm "Asterisk";
  • - essential oil of clove, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree;
  • soda;
  • - ammonia;
  • pharmacy ointment and plaster.
Try not to scratch the place of mosquito bite before you get there, where will be able to provide assistance. Sometimes the itching can be unbearable, but to treat scratched skin will be much more difficult, and the remaining trail will long remind you of time spent in nature.
Those who are bitten outdoors, you should try to remove itching with the help of improvised means. Fortunately, these can be extracted, even in the woods or by the river. Tear the plantain, rinse the sheet clean with water, RUB a little between your palms and apply to the bite. Gradually the itching will subside and the skin brighten.
To relieve swelling and relieve the itching will help a cold. If you have access to ice, or if you currently have a jar with a chilled drink, soak cold some time on the site of the bite. After that you will feel better.
If you were attacked by mosquitoes not far from civilization, and have access to the medicine Cabinet, look in it "Valokordin", "Corvalol", tincture of calendula, a balm "Asterisk". Apply on the affected area and try not to touch the skin until then, until the liquid or ointment is dry.
Fans of aromatherapy you can use essential oils to relieve the itching. Apply a drop of oil of cloves, eucalyptus, peppermint or tea tree on the bite. However, embarking on such treatment is possible only in the case if you used these oils before, and you know that they don't cause you allergic reactions.
For the treatment of mosquito bite can be made from ordinary baking soda. Mix three teaspoons of baking soda with a teaspoon of water. As a result, you get a thick paste, which should be applied on the affected area. Wait until an improvised ointment dry. If itching is not passed, the baking soda can be applied again.
Will help soothe aching bite ammonia. Soak in it a cotton pad and wipe the reddened skin. Gradually the swelling will subside and stop itching.
In pharmacies you can buy special tools that help to cope with itchy after getting acquainted with the mosquitoes skin. Before you go for a walk outside the city, get "Fenistil", "Aquamarin", balsam "Lifeguard" and other tools that will help you cope with your problem. There are also patches, which prevent from scratching the bites. Be prepared, and then the mosquitoes will not be afraid of you.