You will need
  • - an infusion of medicinal herbs;
  • - an antihistamine;
  • - antihistamine ointment.
In some cases, helps warm shower or bath. This procedure is best done in the evening before bed. If you take a bath, add the water infusion of medicinal herbs – marigold, marjoram, chamomile or succession.
If itching is very severe discomfort, uncontrollable desire to scratch the affected skin, take a pill of any antihistamine: "Suprastin", "Tavegil", "Pipolfen", "Claritin", "Sirtaki", etc. it is Better if you explain it beforehand to powder: so it will be absorbed into the blood and act much faster.
It must be remembered that antihistamines first generation ("Suprastin", "Tavegil") have serious side effects: they cause drowsiness, slow reaction speed. Therefore, if your work is connected with the source of danger (e.g., a driver) or requires maximum attention, concentration, must take the drugs of the second generation: "claritin", "Zyrtec", etc. They are more expensive, but do not cause the side effects.
In agreement with the doctor can use to relieve itchingand ointment, which includes any corticosteroid, that is a hormone of the adrenal cortex. For Example, "Hydrocortisone", "Ftorokort", "Flutsinar", "Lorinden", "Celestoderm".
Try to eliminate from your diet some foods that are rich in substances-allergens such as chocolate, citrus fruits, red berries, eggs, and alcoholic beverages. In some cases, it helps to get quick relief from itching.
If possible, you should consult a qualified doctor-an allergist and get tested. The results will be the cause of the Allergy (the allergen identified) and selected the most appropriate method of treatment.
In some cases (fortunately, they occur very rarely) extremely strong itching can be a symptom of so-called "hurricane" that is rapidly developing an allergic reaction. If it is accompanied by symptoms, like rapid spread of red spots on the skin, swelling of the throat, difficulty in breathing, immediately call for an Ambulance. The delay here is unacceptable.