From insect bites no one is immune – neither the citizen, nor a resident of the suburb. In most cases, attacks by insects are not a serious threat to human health, but some people still use caution and stay away from stinging and biting creatures as far as possible. We are talking about young children, pregnant women and Allergy sufferers, for whom an insect sting may be accompanied by serious complications.

Fortunately, in Russia live not so dangerous to human health insects, such as, for example, in Australia or Brazil, but the bite of "our" bees or wasps may be accompanied by very unpleasant sensations. So what to do in case of bite?

Bee sting, wasp, hornet, bumblebee or ant

The bite of one of these insects should not fear the swelling of the body, as it is a natural reaction of the body. If the bite hurts, and it observed redness and itching, it is sufficient to perform the following actions:

- gently remove the stinger, if it remained in the wound;

- handle the processing the wound with iodine or peroxide;

- in order to come down swelling, can be applied to the bite the ice;

- apply to the wound a special ointment against insect bites;

in some cases, you can take any of the antihistamines ("Tavegil or Suprastin") or anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen";

- by the bite of bees or wasps can help folk remedy – leaf plantain, which should be chewed and applied to the wound.

If after the bite of an insect you are allergic, in order to avoid possible complications, you should immediately contact the doctor.

The bite of a mosquito, gadfly, midges or flies

Most often, the person bitten these are insects. When you bite you can do the following:

- to treat the wound with a strong solution of baking soda;

smudge the place with an alcoholic tincture of calendula. For this purpose, suitable boric alcohol or even tomato juice;

- you may recall folk remedies and apply to the bite with a little sour cream or yogurt, apply to the wound a leaf of plantain or of the wild cherry or apply the famous balm "Asterisk".

If it has stuck tick

Mite is another dangerous and bloodthirsty insects that are usually, waiting for their prey in the thick forest, and areas with high humidity. One of the most favorite habitat of ticks – oak grove.

If the mite dug into the skin, it can not pull, because the proboscis of the insect can remain in the body. The tick it is necessary to "twist" out of the body, causing the bite a few drops of vegetable oil. After the tick is removed, it is necessary to disinfect the bite with alcohol or a special ointment against insect bites.