Peculiarities of children's organism

Mosquito bites dangerous for the child not only the risk of infection, but less serious consequences. Itching in the affected area of the skin can greatly spoil the mood of even the most friendly and obedient baby. The bite is constantly itching, redness, ache, and cause discomfort. Because of this, the child may disrupt sleep, lose your appetite, you will be irritable.

In addition, children's skin is much softer than that of an adult. Mosquito bites may not be for a long time. This is due primarily to a way of life. Children are constantly in contact with sand, plants, animals, so the possibility of contamination of the wound is very large.

How to remove itching

The most effective means of getting rid of the itching after a mosquito bite is a special spray or cream. To buy this remedy at any pharmacy. The main thing you should pay attention – is the presence on the bottle is the mark that the drug is designed just for kids.

Similar means are available to prevent mosquito bites. Their main goal is scaring the insects away from the baby. The most convenient to use drugs are considered aerosols and creams. Just a drop of spray on the hood of the child can save him and you from sleepless nights and suffering. In sale there are even special bracelets from mosquitoes, which can be put on infants.

If special means are not at hand, to relieve the discomfort can decoction of calendula or lemon juice. Helps fight the itching tomato or onion. The affected area simply smear a slice of cut fruit, removing impurities, if any.

Relieves itching regular soda. Simply dilute one teaspoon of powder in a glass of water and moistened in the fluid with a cotton swab several times a day to treat the bites. Additionally, you can make a poultice from mashed leaves of parsley. In a pinch, you can spread the bites regular yogurt or sour cream.

Allergic reaction

If a small child was bitten by mosquitoes, along with measures of getting rid of the itching, it is necessary to examine the affected skin. The fact that among the toddlers is a very common reaction to insect bites is an allergic. If itching persists for several days and the redness is spreading in the skin, then be sure to seek help from a specialist. The alarm should cause accompanying symptoms of allergic reactions – nausea, vomiting and fever.