Let's start with why the site of the bite itching. Komar, wanting you to bite that pierces the skin with its thin proboscis. After that he let into the wound, a special liquid that is able to prevent blood clotting. Anticoagulant, which is the substance that causes allergic reactions around the bite - there is swelling and itching.
Immediately after the bite, lubricate the wound with alcohol or alcohol. So you will reduce the number of mosquito allocations that appear on the skin.
The bite can also be treated with a solution diluted in water two tablespoons of baking soda. Clean water no need to rinse off, let dry.
Apply to redness a little vinegar, if you haven't combed this place wound up.
The bite everything else can be rinsed and diluted in warm water with salt.
There is the option of applying ice. This will help quickly, but not for long.
More lasting effect will be given a warm tea bag applied to the wound.
Next tip: take a tablet of aspirin, soak it with water and the resulting mixture spread redness.
Can also help the application of a small amount of toothpaste. But before that make sure that the wound is not open.