You will need
  • instruction to alarm Pantera.
Disable all security functions of the system Pantera with three-button switch Valet. To do this, sit in the car. Find and 10-15 seconds, press the Valet switch. If all goes well, the system siren will give one chopped signal. The sensor alarm will Shine constantly.
Disable the system remotely. Make it easy, but you first need to disable some rather important signaling functions. In particular, should be neutralized service Anti-HiJack, which is responsible for locking the motor vehicle.
If the FOB transmitter is lost, it's out of batteries or there is a situation in which the use of key FOB cannot open car with key. It does not pay attention to the screaming siren and flashing the Parking lights and the light inside the cabin. The alarm went off normally, but disabling is possible even in the active phase.
Alarm to disable the alarm system Pantera, you must insert the key in the ignition, then turn on, turn off and immediately re-enable the engine. Press and hold the Valet button for 10-15 seconds. Alarm mode will turn off and the engine rasplachivaetsya.
Disconnect the security alarm without the transmitter using the software code in case it was pre installed in the system. Use the key to get inside the car. Actuation of the signaling can not be avoided. Locate the Valet button for 15 seconds. it hit exactly the number of times that corresponds to the first digit personal code. Then dial by pressing the Valet button the second digit of the code. If everything was done correctly, then the alarm mode will be removed, the siren will turn off and the car can continue driving.