You will need
  • instruction to alarm Pantera.
Prepare for the programming procedure of the transmitter anti-theft system. To do this remove the alarm from the guard and sit in the car.
Test involved whether a function of a power system, using secret buttons Valet. If the function does not work, you should enter the menu security system. But to get to the settings is easy, as they are protected from intrusion, which is quite reasonable, since otherwise any attacker could easily change the parameters of the security perimeter and get access to the vehicle.
Enter your personal code to get into the programming menu of the alarm. If the code is never entered, use the preset serial number that can be entered only once. It is assumed that the vehicle owner should as soon as possible to take care of setting your own security code.
Start the car, turn the ignition off and then restart the engine. Then within 15 seconds press the Valet button a number of times equal to the first digit of the security code. If you do not fit in the allotted time, repeat the entire procedure, starting with the ignition.
If an individual code is composed of two or more digits, press Valet also enter the remaining digits adhering to the strict time schedule.
After you entered the last digit code and the ignition is switched off for 10-15 seconds, three times hit a secret button. Note that then necessarily have to sound the alarm siren security system and start to flash the LED.
Press and hold transmitter button. Another siren must notify the owner of alarm Pantera that the transmitter is programmed successfully. Then you can proceed with programming another key FOB, again focusing on 15-second time interval.
To exit the programming mode of the security system, simply start the engine or press the control button functions. The alarm system will give one short and one long beep to alert the car owner about changes in the system, after which she will go to the alarm mode.