You will need
  • The manual of the security system.
In the first place, detect if the key FOB needs to be replaced or is it enough of a repair or reprogramming. If the FOB has an LCD display, all current malfunctions of the system it affected. The most trivial fault is a "dead" battery, which needs to be replaced.
If you have changed the battery and the FOB still does not work, try to re-reprogram ("register") keychain. This feature is described in detail in the user manual for your alarm. You just need to know where is the Valet button, which is programmed and reset the system. But it is necessary to program two remote, even if the second is OK.
If all the above measures have not helped to revive the alarm control, contact the authorized centre or the dealership from which you have installed a security system. Experts will help you to diagnose the whole system and to identify the exact fault. It so happens that the cause of the malfunction of the console in a non-operational alarm unit.
If the alarm system is in order, the console will disassemble and reveal (do it yourself when there is a guarantee impossible) and identify the cause of the fault. The most common include burnt "track" and the Bay PCB liquid. If burned carpet, you will propaet, but since this is not a warranty case, you will have for this service to pay. The remote will take in the service for two weeks to three, and after repair again "prescribe" both the keychain.
If the remote is not repairable, as is the case with the Gulf fee liquid, or by mechanical damage, you can purchase a key FOB separately. This can be done directly in the showroom or the service, and you can apply directly to the official supplier of security systems. Yes, and many online parts stores sell additional accessories. You can order the remote from them, but to be programmed then have their own.
If the alarm system is outdated and discontinued, to find an interchangeable key chain is very difficult. Here you will not do without professional assistance. It may happen that to pick up a remote it is impossible and it remains only to remove the alarm and install a new modern system. But since the average lifetime of 3-5 years alarm, fault alarm only indicates that it's time to change it.