Turbotimer can function as a separate independent device, and can also be part of the car alarm. It is managed with the keychain pager two-way communication.The transmitter is a button control programmable channel (usually denoted by CH2), which is used to turn the function off. Click on CH2 and make sure you have a connection, the keyfob with the car should beep and the keychain with two-way communication should appear an icon with the image of the antenna. Then re-click on CH2, the turbo timer will turn off.
Emergency interruption of operation of the turbo timer with keychain transmitter can be done at any time. To do this, remove the key from the ignition and for one second two times click on the CH2 of the keychain transmitter. The system should react on receiving the command "disable" two short beeps and one short light signal. Followed by a reset of the channel of the turbo timer.
On old models of alarm systems (2000-2005 year for Sheriff, Starline, for example), the reset is done by double clicking the "start" button, which is on the keychain has the image of a key.
In order to disable the turbo timer at all, carefully read the user manual of your car alarm. Scroll to "Programming" and follow the steps to reprogram the FOB using the channel buttons. That feature is disabled will signal icon "Hourglass" on the key FOB. For each model alarm this operation is different. Experts advise not to self-program the system.
Those motorists who have a turbo timer installed separately from the alarm, simply turn off its relay and to close the system.