You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the presence of registration by place of residence;
  • - a pen (it is likely to give the Bank);
  • - money to pay for the services of the Bank.
Bank cards belong to different payment systems, the most common cards Visa and Mastercard. Maps of these systems can be used in any part of the world where there is a cash machine or device of reception of payments via Bank cards.
The main classes of payment cards: low (Visa Electron, Maestro), classic (Visa Classic, Mastercard standard) and preferred: Gold, Platinum, etc. the higher the class card, the more features and bonuses, its owner, the more expensive and annual maintenance. At low and middle income to pay for the privilege makes no sense.
Cards are also divided into credit and debit. The latter is also called the estimated. For debit card is only available to the owner his own money. The credit - money of the Bank provided to the client as a loan. There are also Bank cards with overdraft facilities: credit limit as a rule provided in excess of the balance on the card.
For processing payment cards be enough for your passport. You may need to immediately make payment of the annual maintenance. If you want a credit card, most will need one of the additional documents: the passport, the certificate on INN assignment, military ID, driver's license. The Bank may also wish to see documents proving your income.
When choosing a Bank must take into account the proximity of his office to home, work, etc., the number of ATMs in the city of residence (which in most areas is preferable to that which one ATM in the whole town), the availability and the breadth of the branch network in Russia, the possibility of withdrawing cash without interest in its ATMs and other banks in the country and abroad, the opportunity to control the account over the phone and via the Internet.
Of great importance are the reviews of other customers and his own impressions of visiting the Bank and talking to their clerks on the telephone. If you don't like something, it is better to choose another Bank. When studying the reviews, pay attention to exactly how banking product was used by his author. If a person has problems with the return taken from the Bank loan, it is unlikely that his review of the Bank will be positive.
When the choice is made, it remains to come to the Bank and tell the staff about his desire to get a card. In many banks there is an electronic queue, but there are also many where a live.
Bank employee will give you the documents that need to be filled and will look at your passport.
It is not excluded that will soon be paid in cash money for the card maintenance. But there are banks where it is optional, the money levied upon the first receipt of the account. Possible option when you need to make a minimum payment, especially on a map of the privileged class.
When done, the Bank starts issuing of the card. This process takes from three days to a week. Possible accelerated card issuance in the period from one day for a fee.
To obtain ready-made maps often have more time to visit the office. Many banks inform the customer about the readiness of the card on the phone, but not all. There are those who are willing to send cards by mail to the address of the client. In this case, it may require telephone activation.
Along with the card you will receive an envelope with the PIN code. It you will enter into the ATM to use the card. To see and know the PIN isn't needs nobody else but you.