Card benefits Visa gold

Cards Visa gold has all the advantages of cards Visa. With their help you can pay and withdraw cash anywhere in the world. In this case, the card includes discounts and benefits from Visa payment system in the framework of the Visa Premium. It includes hundreds of shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas and services worldwide. The holder of a gold card of the savings Bank automatically becomes a member of Countdown, the standard membership cost is $ 14. Another advantage is the lack of limits on overdraft.

The card can be issued in any cash - dollars, euros, rubles. If the Visa Gold card is lost abroad, the cardholder immediately has the opportunity to receive monetary compensation.

This card is available all additional services of Sberbank - service "Mobile Bank" Sberbank Online, Autopayment.

It is worth considering that for all the benefits the cost of maintenance of Visa Gold card is 3000 rubles a year. Additional card you will have to pay 2,500 rubles per year.

Conditions and particulars of debit cards Visa Gold in the savings Bank

Visa Gold card can be obtained at any branch of Sberbank.
Card can apply for citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached 18 years of age. Documents required only passport.
It is necessary to write the application to issue a card and complete the questionnaire. It is also possible the card online. Through the savings Bank it is possible to order the card with individual design.

The application will be considered in the savings Bank two working days.

The terms and features of credit card Visa Gold in the savings Bank

The credit limit on the Visa Gold card is up to 600 thousand rubles. The interest rate on the loan is from 17.9% to 23% per year. Service card for free as part of the personal offers of the banks, 3000 rubles - for other categories.
The credit limit is 15 000 RUB and is set individually. Grace period is 50 days, applies only to payment for goods and services.
The map can place citizens at the age from 21 to 51 years.

For registration cards payroll clients of Sberbank (or those who took Bank mortgage or a car loan), you need two documents: passport and a statement. Other categories are also required:

- proof of income 2 personal income tax or tax return;

- the documents confirming labor activity of the borrower (a contract of employment, copy of work record card, certificate of sole proprietorship, etc.)

The card is the member of the bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank".