Sberbank of Russia, along with other banks offers services for selling and storing bars of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. All precious metals sold in the form of bullion or commemorative coins. You can also open the depersonalized metal account.
Before buying gold in the savings Bank review Rules for buying bullion in Sberbank of Russia.As for buying gold in the savings Bank, and sell, track the fluctuation of the value of 1 g gold to your investment brought the greatest profit. The price of gold and other precious metals in the savings Bank depend on the world prices (as of June 26, 2011 1 g of gold worth R. 1416) Of the four metals, which offers to buy the savings Bank, gold is in third place by value. Cheaper silver and palladium, the most precious metal – platinum.
In order to buy gold in the savings Bank, you must bring your passport.If you decide to purchase bullion or coins and take them with you, the value your purchase will include VAT. Bars on request and at an additional cost and can be Packed in high quality packaging – a beautiful box with the logo of the savings Bank. To store the purchased gold can not only at home but in a more secure place, i.e. in the Bank. The savings Bank offers such opportunity. Storage is either in the Bank vault, either in the individual cell-the safe.
For the original present in addition to the cute little gold ingots suitable commemorative coins, both Russian and foreign production – Sberbank actively cooperates with the mints of Australia, Germany, China, New Zealand, Poland and other countries.Gold coins are presented in various thematic collections. Some coins, Swarovski crystals, sold in boxes specially designed for them design.
If you want to buy gold, but do not want to pay VAT then the perfect option for you – the opening of a depersonalized metal account (OMS). You can open an account three ways:
• make physical bullion at the expense of
• the acquisition of bullion from the Bank
• by transferring funds from a conventional current account
Opening OMS, you get the chance to increase their savings due to changes in world prices for precious metals. If desired, the account may be "cashed out" in bars, which will have to pay VAT.
If ever you want to sell bullion, which was kept at home, please contact your savings Bank. The savings Bank shall buy back gold bars and coins. The ingots in this case are divided into two types:
• excellent condition
• in a satisfactory condition
The rating is also influenced by the status of the certificate. So, if the ingot is in excellent condition, but the certificate is torn or stained, the cost will be calculated for the ingot in a satisfactory condition.
Please note that in the presence of a depersonalized metal account operation selling gold much easier, because the condition of the bullion will not affect the transaction value.