If you are a credit card holder, and its term came to an end, then you need to contact a Bank where you were issued the original card, passport and old plastic. The Bank employee will ask you to apply for an extension card. Usually reissue the card in Sberbank is about 2 weeks. The operation to replace the plastic free, but charged for annual maintenance in accordance with the tariffs. The funds that were on the card at the time of expiration of its validity are automatically transferred to the newly issued card. As money, in fact, are not on the map and on the current account of the owner. A map is the key to your account, which does not change.
If you have a map of the savings Bank were lost or stolen, it is possible to extend it, but first it is necessary to block with the help of a Bank employee by telephone. Otherwise your card may benefit. Next you need within 2-3 days after the call to go to the Bank and write a statement on the recovery card. For this process you will need your passport and a paid receipt for this service Sberbank. After 2 weeks you can pick up a new card and get a new pin. Moreover, the current account is opened on your new card, same as if you lost the map.
If you are a participant of the salary project, has your organization entered into a service contract with Sberbank, then extend your card you can simply. For this you need to apply to the Bank subdivision with a map and a passport and within a few minutes to exchange a card with expired validity on the new plastic. Of course, you need a properly executed statement. And also when changing maps you can change your pin code.