You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • - ATM machine that accepts banknotes;
  • - passport;
  • - the Bank branch is to work with individuals;
  • - computer with Internet access (in the case plugged into the card services Internet banking).
The quickest way of depositing funds on the card to put the money through ATM. To do this, locate an ATM with the logo of the Bank where you got yourself a map. Also note that it was built the equipment for reception of money.
Then insert the card into the slot of the ATM (pre-view on a map image, and rotate your map as well), enter the secret PIN. Remember that if you enter the wrong PIN three times, the card will be locked, so do not make mistakes when dialing numbers.
Then select "cash Deposit" ("Deposit account" or "cash Operations"). If your map is tied to multiple accounts, select the one you need.
Before you insert money into the bill acceptor, straighten them, the device may return the bill with a crumpled corners. Note the maximum number of banknotes accepted by the ATM. Insert the money into the window and wait for the check and calculate the amount. Check the amount on the screen, if it is the same as money, confirm. Be sure to print your receipt and keep it until the funds are credited to the account.
Also to add to the card account through the cashier of the Bank. Please contact your nearest branch working with individuals. To replenish the account through the cashier you will need a passport, money and map. Present them to the cashier, call (or write) the amount of Deposit. Sign the receipt, take the documents proving your account.
If your card is connected to the system of Internet banking, you can transfer money through it. Log in with a password (via SMS, either received from the ATM). Select the function and enter the required information in the appropriate fields. Then recheck the data again and transfer the money.
If you have multiple accounts in the system, the card can be recharged from your account. Select the accounts between which the transfer will be made, fill in the payment amount and transfer the money.
When connected to the mobile banking to transfer money from account to account via the call center. For this you will need access to secret IDs that are spelled out in the contract of connection of the service. Send the necessary information to the operator, the amount of the transfer and, if necessary, give the secret word. After your identification, the operator will make the transfer of money to your card.