Low battery

There are some of the most popular reasons for not starting VAZ 2110. One of those reasons, she is the most harmless, is a low battery charge. Perhaps the car has not been used for a few days and stood on the alarm. In the process, the battery is empty. It might be the alternator. Due to a malfunction, he stopped to give charging for battery. Charge the battery car charger. To do this, connect the battery to the charger. Be careful not to confuse the terminals. Plus must be connected to plus, minus to minus. Install on the charger is the same amp as on the battery. If you set smaller, the battery is not charged, if more it will burn.

A fault in fuel and distribution mechanism

The next reason is a fault in fuel and distribution mechanism. If VAZ is equipped with a fuel-injected engine, contact the service center. Specialists with special equipment prediagnostic the car, fix the defect, if necessary, will pereproshit chip injector.

If the car is carbureted, it is possible to solve the problem yourself. First check the fuel filter, which is installed in the gap of the hose right to the carb. If it is clogged, then without a doubt replace it with a new one. Next, remove the carb, dismantle and rinse in clean gasoline. All the gaskets replace. This kit purchase at auto parts store. After installing this fuel and timing back into the car be sure to pump up the petrol. Do not use fuel with octane less than eighty.

Downed the ignition

Another reason is shot down by the ignition. It may be too early or, on the contrary, late. This is due to the vibration. When running, a car distributor cap can gradually turn around. With this ignition spark from the spark served unevenly, the gasoline in the cylinders is not burned out, the engine begins to "troit", and then simply refuses to work. To adjust the ignition need the distributor cap, turning it clockwise and Vice versa. Inspect buenaposada going to the spark plugs. They can poprawitsja temperature. Upon detection of such a defect, replace bronirovat and a candle to which it is joined. A candle is not necessary to buy a new one. Old burn over the fire and twist the back.