You will need
  • - BMW car;
  • - the emulator.
Before you begin to disconnect Immobiliser, carefully review the design features of this device. Typically, the standard Immobiliser on BMW has three main components: control unit, solenoid and the key. So, it is the solenoid produces a gap of the wiring by unauthorized access.
Disabling the immobilizer is run directly in the engine control unit. This hidden switch can be disabled either physically or by pererezali wire coming from the ECU to the immobilizer.
Remove the switch, be sure to make your changes to the nonvolatile memory of the engine control unit, which is responsible for the operation of this unit. Such changes usually do not affect the General running of the vehicle, but only the part, which concerns the inclusion of avtodvigatel'.
To disable the immobilizer check in the engine control unit emulator or run the finalization of the automotive electrical circuit. Typically, an emulator is a charge, "stuffed" microprocessor and a specific set of electronic components.
Please note that disabling the Immobiliser on a BMW, as well as the activation of this installation should be carried out by the owner of the vehicle, because he has a special coded electronic key. In other words, to disable the immobilizer, type this code.