You will need
  • - medical certificate about state of health;
  • - soccer uniform (Jersey, shorts, socks, pads);
  • - cleats or sneakers;
  • - a soccer ball.
If your son is from seven to nine years, and he wants to be a footballer, then go first to the doctor, better the sport. It is possible that the dream boy will come across a medical taboo and a recommendation to do another sport. In any case, without information about the state of health in the football CYSS (children youth sports school) won't accept it, like training will not allow.
Find out in advance the criteria (and in some large and well-known sports school — selection), the conditions for employment, the names and qualifications of trainers. Try to choose a school not too far from home and public transport.
Purchase sports uniforms and shoes, which can be several days a week to train on the street or in the hall. In the school there is a form for players, but it is issued on the first day and not all, but only otuchivshis a few years and already started to participate.
Before buying cleats or running shoes, consult with experienced players or future coach. After all, for each coverage field or sports fields require different shoes.
Enroll in school (reception usually held in the beginning of the school year), meet and exchange phone numbers with the coach. Rewrite the schedule.
Create conditions for timely visits to schools and follow all the recommendations of the coach. First of all they relate to adherence, including nutrition, recovery, rest and extra-curricular training. And remember that in football requires not only the ability to hit the ball, but the intelligence, the ability to think and hear.
Develop in the future the player a sense of responsibility for the result and collectivism. Football is a team game, the individualism it encouraged the interaction of the field with other players. Wins or loses is also the whole team.
Try to pre-determine the future role of the son. If you are sure that he will grow tall, his place probably will be in the gate, especially when you have reactions and jumping, or in the centre of defence. But if he has a good speed and not too outstanding physical data, then the kid can get a quality full-back or midfielder.
Path to the big football takes place only through matches. The more a young player plays in the team and running with the ball, the better you will understand the game faster and become a professional. So you need to use any chance, and above all in training to prove to the coach their right to take the field in the first team. If he doesn't try and give everything in every match, tomorrow it will be replaced by another player.