The national team of Russia on football for the first time declared itself in 1992 as the successor team of the Soviet Union. Every year the team is updated, but the average number of athletes does not exceed 25 people. Some of them play in the Russian football teams and some have become full-fledged members of foreign clubs.
Special principles for the formation of the national team does not exist. Player's choice lies entirely on the shoulders of the coaching staff of the team. As a rule, mentors are often guided by statistics of the Russian clubs and, according to her, invite those or other athletes to the national team. This files most often represent the country players of the Russian football Premier League, at least, the team invites the players of the clubs first and second divisions.
The game requires a minimum of 11 athletes, including two strikers, five Midfielders, four defenders and a goalkeeper. Forwards and Midfielders are called upon to play near the opponent's goal, the other players have to defend their goal. In addition to the basic structure of Russian national team on football consists of replacement players ready to replace injured or removed for one reason or another players. Just at the moment the national football team listed 23 people.
All the invited athletes are given a thorough medical control, after which the coaching staff of Russian national team on football is a training plan. Great attention is paid to the psychological stability of the players, for this additional arranged (group and individual) consultation with psychologists.
For training mentors gather all the members of the team, even those who may not be on the field. The training program depends not only on physical condition of athletes, but also on the rank of their future opponents. The coaches scrutinize the game teams to contend with their subjects, reveal strengths and weaknesses, make some conclusions about the team in General.
In the end, for each match selected individual technique of playing that the players are trying to achieve a victorious result. Numerous national team coaching staff to reshuffle the team and to counter different opponents strongest players.