Ask the players before the start of trainingif any of these injuries or damage. If someone answers Yes, ask the athlete to be examined by a doctor. Even if there are doubts, make sure that it is in any case not participated in the training. The medical team needs to ascertain the nature and severity of the damage. This is a very serious matter, because there could be a relapse of the injury and the athlete will fall down.
Tell the players to walk slowly for some time and then abruptly tell them to increase the pace. Make it so that they have produced acceleration in the same moment. At the end ask them to do an easy run. Finish this part of the workout in 10 minutes.
Ask the players to do stretching for all major muscle groups. The main departments are: calf, hamstring, groin and quadriceps. Also make sure they are well drawn the whole body. This is an important part of the training should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes.
Give players a few minutes after stretching. Let the players will do their personal exercises, or complexes.
Give the players the order to make a faster run than at the beginning of the session. Every 30 seconds give the command to accelerate. Watch that lasted not more than 5 seconds. Do this type of work for 10 minutes until the players will not feel fatigue.
Give players the ball in the next part of the workout. Organize it so that one group of players made a living circle, and several of them were standing inside it. The goal for those players who form a circle – keep the ball. Group inside it should try to intercept it. Thus, all players will play 2 roles. Take on this part of the training 15 minutes.
Guide the debriefing at the end of the workout. Enter the players on those moments that should pull up. Praise those who did well. Guide hitch light Jogging.