Go on view in a professional club. In addition to Russia professional basketball League operate more Superleague and Vysshaya Liga, which consists of groups A and B. Only 40 professional clubs in men and slightly less than 30 teams in women.The scheme here is pretty simple. Visit the official club website, find the phone of the administration in section contacts, contact them and Express a desire to play and train in their team. If the club is interested in player your role, quite possibly, you will be invited to come to the viewing. There are already all depends on your ability to show yourself in the best light. If you go to the club - get into the team, if not, do not despair.
Contact a weaker teamor a team from a lower League. Also there are Championships in which a play will be easier than in the Russian championship. At worst, there is Amateur basketball, where to get much more real than in professional basketball.
Prove yourself in the Amateur team. Here are the under the old scheme. Find the team contact, contact with someone from it and come to the viewing.
Organize with your friends your team. There is another way to play basketball in an Amateur League. You can create with your friends on the basketball team himself. If there are 10-12 players friends, you can declare a set in a command on sports forums. In parallel with the set, you can contact the regional Amateur League and learn from them the conditions of application of the team for the tournament. It is also worth to discuss in advance the conditions for participation of your team in the tournament. Ready to become a founder and captain of the team? This path is for you!
Contact a sports agent. If you feel that the Amateur level does not suit you, and you can play in the professional teams, then maybe you should get a basketball agent, who himself will be looking for you. Of course, if you do great. It is best to find an agent is through recommendations of friends athletes. You can also ask their contacts in one of the basketball clubs, where you will be viewing.